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A basic guide on how to use crystals.

Crystals. They're currently trending, but in actuality they've been around for quite some time. Like way before you and I ever got here. Billions of years before to be exact, with the oldest known mineral being Zircon tapping in at around 4 billion years old. I personally began using crystals in healing layouts and manifestation work in 2017 and have since fallen in love with their mineral magic. So much so that I traveled all the way to Asia to become a certified crystal therapist. This is my short and sweet guide on what they are and how you can begin to use them.

So, what is a crystal? Well, crystals are actually classified by their geometric shape and mineral composition. When we use the term "crystal", most people mean minerals, stones, crystals, and even precious and semi-precious gems. Earth naturally creates mineral formations in many places on and within her surface, from oceans to volcanos. These pieces of Earth's art, after harvesting, are what you see and know as "crystals".

How do crystals work in healing? You can use them in many different ways. For starters though, your must understand the concept of energy. Science says that everything in this physical world is made up of matter. Matter is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. At a molecular level, physics says that everything that we put under a microscopic lens is constantly moving. This movement is energy. Energy is all around you. In fact, you are energy. Humans are made up of 60- 70% water, an Earth element, and crystals are pieces of the actual Earth. When our two unique elemental signatures combine, energetic healing ensues.

So now you're wondering, "how do I use crystals to experience this energetic healing"? For many, this process takes time (in my experience about 7-10 days of ritual use) to become cognizant enough to begin feeling the vibrational healing of a stone. Traditional Eastern medicine was the lead proponent in the study and education of our "subtle" or "energetic" body. This is a body that you don't see, but you do feel. It houses over 120,000 meridian centers and 7 major energy centers that we have come to hear mentioned more frequently, our "chakras". Vibrationally this subtle body experience is where metaphysical connection to crystals takes place. But it's definitely a commitment. I always tell clients, you should treat your crystals as tools in the same way as you do exercise equipment - if you put it in the corner and never use it, you won't see any results. If you don't want to get that deep into it, they are also great tools to study for assessing emotional issues and setting personal intentions.

Here's a few examples of my favorite ways to use crystals in every day life:

  • Pick a stone and journal with the intention it is housing. (i.e: Rose Quartz for love)

  • Add a tumbled stone to my bath water to infuse the water with healing vibrations.

  • Sleep with a protective stone under my pillow to ward of bad dreams.

  • Place a stone for presence in my car to remind me to drive mindfully.

And there you have it. I hope you found this post useful and gained some new knowledge on crystals. I would love to hear about how your journey is going, so drop me a comment or a line and let me know how it goes.

Happy Healing,


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