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Cosmic Flora Crystal Co. is a crystal boutique & metaphysical wellness shop aimed at educating and energizing humankind through crystals.

In store and online we host community events, sell crystals, crystal decor, and intentional jewelry. 

Crystals are pieces of Mother Nature's geology and electromagnetic pulse.  They can be used for connecting to Earth energy,  to  promote overall healing, and in setting intentions. These magical minerals each have their own unique energetic signature. You know what else is made up of magical matter? You are. When our personal energetic code syncs up to theirs, the possibilities are endless.

Crystals have been used for centuries by civilizations from the Mayans and Egyptians to the Chinese Dynasty. It is an instinctual and ancient concept for us to be attracted to their healing energies and guidance. Connect with them and co-create the life you deserve while you learn how to heal, from the inside out.


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