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Sep 23, 2023 - Oct 23, 2023

Libra Season Crystal Astrology Course

  • 31Days
  • 5Steps


Unlock the magic of Libra season with our astrology crystal course! Discover the perfect crystals to enhance balance and harmony in your life. Join us for a journey of self-discovery and cosmic alignment. This is a monthly course to help deepen your relationship with the crystal kingdom. So often, clients ask "How do I use my crystals?" This is our cosmic answer. Joins us for a course that aligns the astrological sun season and expansive crystal exercises, using our curated "crystal scoops" as our guide. This course is for you if: -you would love to overcome social anxiety -you need more balance in your life -you could benefit from taking a more equitable approach to life In this Course, you will be provided with: -a digital workbook that aligns to the libra sun season designed by Mic -a live Libra AstroCrystals101 virtual workshop with Shonna -a live Ritual Libra virtual workshop with Xavier -a live virtual Yoga Flow for Libra SZN with Gigi - a complimentary Libra Season Crystal Scoop encompassing the crystals we will be covering If you live out of state, you might receive the scoop after the course and there is an additional shipping charge of $5. If you're local, pick up is preferred.

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